Hi Tutor.Com Inc. primarily caters to Asian students. For over 7 years, the company has already provided more than 10,000,000 lessons and it is still growing. Hi Tutor.Com Inc. aims to provide the best learning experience to its students and the most ideal working environment for its tutors.

Why choose Hi Tutor.Com Inc.?

There are vary reasons why you should choose Hi Tutor.Com Inc., such as flexible working hours accommodate to your lifestyle, user-friendly system to help you to work independently, work from home to be with your love ones and professional customer support to assistant you while working with us.
Did we mention about an on-the-job training? And there is more!

  • Flexible working hours

    Flexible working hours

  • User-friendly system

    User-friendly system

  • Work from home

    Work from home

  • Reward Program

    Reward program

  • Material provided

    Material provided

  • Professional customer support

    Professional customer support

  • On-the-job training

    On-the-job training

  • Recognition Plan

    Recognition plan

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Training and Career Progression

We are committed to ongoing skills development so that our people deliver added value and quality to our customers. We focus more on Career Satisfaction of our tutors — it’s also about having great client opportunities, learning and developing, building relationships, and being recognized for your accomplishments. But most of all, it’s about feeling supported as you strive to achieve your own goals and grow your career.

Learning and Innovating are parts of the culture at HitTutor. In fact, learning is fundamental to the way we continuously improve, the way we innovate and the way we grow. Opportunities for learning and development can include: Experiences on the job, Relationships with peers and leadership, Instructor-led professional courses, web-based sessions and eLearning, and your own professional development. Tutoring at Hi Tutor.Com Inc. is tied to your individual development needs, enabling you to excel your current skills and extending tutoring throughout the world within Hi Tutor.Com Inc.

Hi Tutor.Com Inc.

Reward and Recognition

At Hi Tutor.Com Inc., we believe the recognition programs are critical to teacher satisfaction, engagement and retention and have made recognition an important part of our culture. Appreciation. Acknowledgement and a simple thank you for a job well done. Our teachers are recognized for being knowledgeable, helpful, and responsible.
Teachers provide exceptional customer experience and create great learning journey with students, there are various programs to recognize service.